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The Man Who Lived In A Hat

Hampton Roads Publishing
ISBN l-57174-211-5
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"There once was a man who lived in a hat."
Not spacious, like a cowboy's ten-gallon hat; not stylish, like a fedora - just a rather dilapidated top hat, the kind the not-so-talented magicians try to pull rabbits out of.
"You call this a house?" complained the man. "I don't think so."
And to make matters worse, he now has to share his modest living space with bugs!
"Not so fast," said the ant as he reached for the bug spray. "Let's do some business."
The deal? Crumbs for a wish.
"Hmmm...." the man thought. "I deserve better than this."
But the man in the hat is NEVER satisfied.
Will Ant Sadie continue to grant his wishes, each one more outrageous than the last?

***So whimsical and wonderful - you'll almost forget there's a lesson!
***Bright, lively illustrations bring the characters charmingly to life!
***Delivers a fun, fanciful lesson about the emptiness of greed!
***A story you'll want to share again and again!

"A story about a man who is never satisfied with what he has. With the help of Ant Sadie, he reached the top of the world, yet still nothing satisfied his thirst for worldly luxuries. This book teaches about greed and jealousy in a simple, inspiring and humorous way!" 

-, Jennie S. Bev

"So whimsical and wonderful, you'll almost forget there's a lesson. Bright, lively illustrations delight the eye and bring the characters charmingly to life. This is story parents will want to share with their children again and again!" 



Letters from children....
"Dear Ms. Levy,
I play soccer and it's hard but I use my feet. How do your hands take all your writing?"

"Dear Ms. Levy,
I would like to live in a hat, especially in the summer, but what happens to all your sweat?"

"Dear Ms. Levy,
I want a wrestling ring like the Man Who Lived In A Hat. I wouldn't hurt my brother if he gave me his bike."

"Dear Ms. Levy,
Do you have any friends? If you don't, you can visit my mom. She doesn't have any either."

"Dear Ms. Levy,
Does Zoe the Wonder Dog jump up on you? I have a fish and it doesn't do anything."

"Dear Ms. Levy,
I loved your story. My favorite part was when the man found Ant Sadie walking around his hat and he wanted to put bug spray on her. I think he should have sprayed her. I don't like bugs. But,I changed my mind because she turned out to be a nice ant."

"Lively, zany, and downright fun, with Dr. Seuss-like illustrations and a message that's crystal clear: Be happy with what you have; the greatest gift of all is the gift of giving"

"Introduce your child to spirituality and wellness! This is a parable of a greedy man who was never satisfied. Ungrateful to his benefactor, a magical ant, the story tells where his empty heart and attitude landed him."