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Flip-Flop and the Bully Frog's Gruff

When Flip-Flop tries to cross the bridge to join her friends, she runs into the Bully Frogs Gruff.
Those bullies threaten to eat Flip-flop if she tries to cross!
Even though those gruff, togh, and buff Bully Frogs scare flip-Flop, she's determined to pass. Can she outwit them all and make some new friends?

Have you ever been bullied? What did you do? Here are some tips from Flip-Flop for dealing with bullies:

1. Stand up for yourself. Stay calm and confident and tell that bully that you don't like being talked to that way.
2. Try turning a mean rumor or comment into a joke.
3. Hold your head high, look your bully in the eye, and don't let him or her take away your self-esteem!
4. Try listening to what they say. Let them know their words aren't going to get to you. It's no fun for them to bully somone who doesn't fight back or get scared.

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