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Flip-Flop Frog and the BFF's

Flip-Flop is hungry, but thiere is nothing in the pantry except flies. She decides to invite her friends to a party to bake a fly pie. When her friends are too lazy to help, Flip-Flop makes the pie herself. She bakes the pie, puts on her party clothes and plays some music. suddenly, there is a knock at th edoor. Will Flip-Flop let her BFFs join the party?

At first, Flip-Flop's BFFS didn't want to help bake. Is there something you haven't wanted to do? What did you tell your friend?

Hage you been Flip-Flop? How did you get your friends to help you? Did you suggest working as a team? Did you make it work? What other ways can you work together?

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