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THOMAS THE TOADILLY TERRIBLE BULLY published by Eerdman's Books For Young Readers

After doing his bullying best, in turns out that there's an even bigger bully around, and Thomas discovers what it feels like to be the one bullied. But a bit of teamwork helps him outwit the bully and make a new friend. And being a firend, thomas finds, is far more fun than being a bully!

Thomas was new in town.
He dressed to impress.
He strutted his stuff.
He got in everyone's face.
"Chill," said the other toads.
But Thomas didn't. He hated being ignored.
"If I can't make friends," he tought, I'll be a bully instead."
But Thomas was an awful bully.
TOADILLY terrible.
He couldn't push anyone around.
His abs were flabby.
His voice squeaked.
Hopping too high made him hiccup.
Even crickets gave him the creeps.

What will happen next??

5 Star Reviews

My daughter loves this book!
By booklover777 on March 8, 2014
Format: Hardcover
Mu daughter loves "Thomas the Toadilly Terrible Bully". It's become her favorite "night-night" time story, one of the few books a parent can actually enjoy reading repeatedly. My daughter makes the animal sound effects and yells "head for the hills" like Thomas. The book is done by the same author/illustrator team as "Gonzalo Grabs the Good Life", which we have on our shelves, too. I recommend this book because it's sweet and funny - and shows the value of friendship.

Toadilly terrific book!
By Booker on March 4, 2014
Format: Hardcover
Great for the classroom and an anti-bullying program. Thomas decides to be a bully because he can't make friends...spoiler alert: he finds a way to save the day, changes his behavior and make a new friend. The book led to a better understanding among my students about why bullies act as they do. I highly recommend it, as it's an easy read, right on topic. It led to a lively discussion, even with participation from those usually reluctant to comment. The character is funny, endearing even when acting out. The ending is satisfying and the illustrations are eye-popping. In short, toadilly terrific

Five Stars
By Tucker on August 6, 2014
Format: Hardcover
completely satisfied