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Showtime for Flip-Flop

It's time for the class play! Mrs. Hopper has given Flip-Flop the role of Frog Number Three- a croaking part! But, Flip-Flop has stage fright, and every rehearsal is a flop. Flip-Flop draws exactly how she feels, including having Mrs. Harper walk the plank and dres as a witch. When she gets casught, Flip-Flop and Mrs. Hopper put their heads together to find a new role for Flip-Flop. Will Flip-Flop's true talents shine when it's showtime?

Flip-flop has stage fright! Have you been scared to perform in front of people? What did you do?

One way to get rid of stage fright is to practice, practice, practice. The more you know the part, the easier it will be to perform!

And remember: even if you mess up it's okay! Mistakes happen every day. Do the best you can and have fun!

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