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Flip-Flop Frog and the Absolutely Awful Baby

Flip-Flop hs a problem- a new sister! Everything is absolutely awful about the new baby. She eats mushy things, belly flops, and can't even play leap frog. Mom thinks she's a cutie patootie and says she's staying. So, Flip-Flop takes another look. Can Flip-Flop find anything good about her baby sister?

At first, Flip-Flop didn't like the new baby! Have you had a new baby brother or sister? What did you think of her or him?

Once your brother or sister got older, you probably found lots of things to do together, just like Flip-flop and Poebe. What do you like to do with your siblings? Think of one nice thing that you can do your little brother or sister. Do that nice thing to make him or her smile!

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