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Diva Duck Dreams - published by ABDO Publishing
Diva does all the duck stuff. But her feathers aren't into it. Diva has dreams of life beyond the farm. The other animals think her dreams are a hoot. But after learning her true talent, Diva's life changes. Soon, everyone wants a piece of the duck!

Diva Duck Dreams - published by ABDO Publishing
Diva does all the duck stuff. But her feathers aren't into it. Diva has dreams of life beyond the farm. The other animals think Diva's dreams are a hoot. But after learning her true talent, Diva's life changes...soon everyone wants a piece of the duck!

GONZALO GRABS THE GOOD LIFE published by Eerdman's Books For Young Readers
Gonzalo, the Rooster, isn't happy
"Mira, I don't like to complain, but the hens cluck all night and the horse snores. The roof is so hard my back hurts. I haven't slept in a week."
"Other roofs are so clean you can eat off them, and here I'm choking from the dust...and by the way, other roosters work with a whole salsa band but I can't even get a fiddle!"
"The ducks quack off-key, the frogs won't sit still and the owls don't give a hoot. The hummingbirds forget the words. The pigeons are pooping everywhere!"
Lucky Gonzalo...he wins the Loteria and quits the farm!
Follow Gonazalo as he buys a mansion in Florida, a hot tub and a yacht...lives la vida loca in Hollywood... in his search for grab the good life!

J.J. Jax is a bully. His target is Patrick Montgomery, an overweight new classmate. but,wait until you see what Patrick's got up his sleeve - it's something that, alley oops!- will turn things around.
Humorous snappy dialogue and engaging characters help impart messages about the lasting effects of bullying and the importance of accepting differences in others and of finding common ground to help us get along.

THE RUNAWAY RADISH ...published by Raven Tree Press...
The Night of the Radishes is celebrated in Oaxaca, Mexico on December 23. Large radishes are carved into shapes of animals, flowers, religious figures and anything the imagination can think of. People view the displays in the central plaza and the judges award a prize for the best sculpture.
But, one radish does not want to be carved. It jumps out of don Pedro's hand and rolls out the door.
Follow the action as the radish bumps into a burro, trips a band of mariachis, pushes a cook into a pot of mole sauce, and overturns vendors' stands in the market place..."Places to go, people to see...Out of my way, you can't carve ME!"

Finding The Right Spot: When Kids Can't Live With Their Parents
"Aunt Dane takes care of kids like me when their real parents can't. Like when your mom loses her job and can't pay the rent and drinks too much and gets sick so you stay home from school to take care of her. That's what happened to me."

I REMEMBER ABUELITO/YO RECUERDO A ABUELITO published by Albert Whitman and Co.
I think about the songs Abuelito taught me. If he couldn't remember the words, sometimes he made up new ones.
"What if Abuelito has forgotten about us?" I ask. "What if his spirit forgets to come?"
"Don't worry," Tia says. "This candle will glow. The light will remind Abuelito's spirit of his way back home."
At night Mama tucks me into bed.
"Suena con los angelitos, dream of angels," she says.
She kisses my cheek. Her eyelashes feel like the wings of a butterfly.
The Day of the Dead.
A time to celebrate.
I close my eyes and dream of Abuelito.

The Spirit Of Tío Fernando: A Day of the Dead Story/El espíritu de tío Fernando: Una historia del Día de los Muertos
“It’s the Day of the Dead! We’re going to honor your tío Fernando.”

Nando listens as his mother tells him that later, at the cemetery, they will meet with Tío Fernando’s spirit. All day, as Nando enjoys the celebration, he also wonders just how he will recognize the spirit of Tío Fernando?

Abuelito Eats With His Fingers
“I don’t like to visit Abuelito. Water leaks out of his eyes. His cheekbones are too high, his nose is too big and his eyes are too small. He smells like green library soap or sometimes like fried bananas. Abuelito eats with his fingers.”

The Man Who Lived In A Hat
A whimsical tale of a man who lives in a hat and a wish-granting ant named Sadie. In exchange for not zapping her with bug spray, Ant Sadie gives the man everything he wants, including his own wrestling team, a hot tub, and as many bagels as he can eat.

Flip-Flop and the Bully Frog's Gruff
When Flip-Flop tries to cross the bridge to join her friends, she runs into the Bully Frogs Gruff. Those bullies threaten to eat Flip-Flop if she tries to cross! Even though those gruff, tough, and buff Bully Frogs scare Flip-Flop, she's determined to pass. Can she outwit them all and make some new friends? Grades preK-4.

Showtime for Flip-Flop
Oh no! The teacher wants to put on a school play, but Flip-Flop Frog is trembling with fear! What if she forgets her lines? What if she trips? Read how Flip-Flop's special talent saves the day of a very shy frog. prek-4th grade

Flip-Flop Frog and the Absolutely Awful Baby
Flip-Flop has a problem a new sister! Everything is absolutely awful about the new baby. She eats mushy things, belly-flops, and can't even play leapfrog. Mom thinks she s a cutie patootie and says she s staying. So, Flip-Flop takes another look. Can Flip-Flop find anything good about her baby sister? Grades preK-4.

Flip-Flop Frog and the BFF's
Flip-Flop Frog is hungry but there's nothing in the pantry except flies. She decides to invite her friends to a party to bake a fly pie. When her friends are too lazy to help, Flip-Flop makes the pie herself. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. Party time! But willl Flip- Flop let her BFF''s join the fun? pK-4th

The RL Gang: An Absolutely Awesome School Adventrue
Ralph Lauren is proud to present an innovative way for parents and children to experience style, literature and digital technology together - and be entertained along the way. Meet the kids and join them on their awesome adventure in an awe-inspiring online video narrated by the award winning John Legend and in a beautifully illustrated picture book that benefits organizations dedicated to the preservation of education and the arts.

Celebrate! It's Cinco De Mayo!/ Celebremos! Es el cinco de Mayo!
Product Details
ISBN: 0807511765
ISBN-13: 9780807511763
Format: Hardcover, 32pp
Publisher: Albert Whitman
Age Range: 4 to 7

It's Cinco de Mayo! Everyone is celebrating the holiday in their own way. "Mama marches in the parade. Papa plays in a mariachi band. Abuelita cooks a special meal." Why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
A very simple history of the holiday is interspersed with the story of a young boy celebrating Cinco de Mayo with his family.

This bilingual book features a section with "find what's missing" pictures and simple crafts perfect for any child's Cinco de Mayo celebration. Loretta Lopez's engaging and cheerful pictures complement Janice Levy's childfriendly introduction to this important Mexican holiday.

Totally Uncool
No one’s worse than Dad’s new girlfriend, whom he calls (ugh) “Sweet Potato.” She plays the tuba and sings opera to her goldfish. She’s clueless about soccer and video games. She has porcupiny hair. Then again, she knows how to keep secrets, makes prize-winning Halloween costumes; she has a real name. Maybe she’s not that bad...

Children's Picture Books

"If I can't make friends," Thomas thinks, "I'll be a bully instead." There's just one problem with Thomas's brilliant plan: he makes a terrible bully. A.toadilly terrible one, in fact.
Diva Duck does all of the duck stuff. But her feathers aren't into it. Diva has dreams of life beyond the farm. Diva Duck learns her true talent and her life changes as she follows her dreams. Soon, everyone wants a piece of the duck!
After Gonzalo, the Rooster, won the Loteria, he pecked the farmer, don Chucho, on the butt."I'm rich!" he said. "Get another rooster. I quit!"He hopped off the roof. "This rooster stuff is nothing to crow about. It's time to grab the good life!Adios!"And off he went...follow him as he tries to live la vida loca!
A bully learns his lesson from arm wrestling Hammer Hand Man!
It's the Night of the Radishes in Oaxaca, Mexico. Will don Pedro win First Prize in the Radish Carving Contest? A radish jumps out of his hand and rolls out the door, singing, "Places to go, people to see...Out of my way, you can't carve ME!" What will happen next?!
What happens if you can't live with your parents?
A Day of the Dead Story in a bilingual format for the younger child. "Abuelito's spirit will come like a butterfly," Mama says, "quiet and beautiful. You will feel him in your heart.""What if Abuelito's spirit gets lost?" I ask."His spirit is like the butterflies," Mama says. "They come to our town every year- they don't get lost! Abuelito's spirit knows the way, too."
Preparing to celebrate the Day of the Dead, Nando remembers all he liked about his favorite uncle
Tina doesn’t like to visit her grandfather. Will she learn to appreciate a grandfather’s love?
There once was a man who lived in a hat. Don't ask. Things happen.
It's Cinco de Mayo! Mama marches in a parade. Papa plays in a mariachi band. Abuelita cooks a special meal. Abuelito tells the story of the brave Mexicans who fought so long ago on this day. I wave the flag. Viva Mexico! Simple crafts and "find what's missing pictues" add to the celebration in this happy holiday book.
What if your dad found a new girlfriend - one who was completely, totally uncool?
Children's Picture Books
When you have a dream, anything is possible!
Diva Duck is destined for greatness, so why would SHE need school?
Diva Duck's new CD is a hit and she is off on a world tour. Nothing can stop her. She is one hot duck!
Diva Duck and her farm animals have returned from their world travels. But Diva isn't happy to be home. she is destined for greatness...and for Hollywood, even it it means going alone!
Don't be bullied! Read how Flip-Flop Frog outsmarts the mean Bully Frogs!
Do you ever feel shy? Read how Flip-Flop Frog learns that everyone is special in her own way!
Do you have a younger brother or sister? Wish you didn't? Read how Flip-Flop learns to deal with the new baby in the family.
Do you have BFF's? Best Friends Forever? Read how Flip-Flop Frog learns about the ups and downs of friendship.
This fall, the RL Gang gives you a rare glimpse into their homes as they get ready for a field trip they will never forget. As the kids explore an awesome new land, they learn the importance of compassion and lending a hand.