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hi, Allison - thank you for your nice note.
I'll contact you privately and we'll talk.

Phil - thank you for your kind comments. Teaching the Fiction Writing Course at Hofstra University was fun.
I will respond privately, but as general information, I work one-on-one with writers and I charge by the hour. Via email I edit, make suggestions - whatever the client wants.

Hello janice,
I attended the Writers Conference this past summer. I remember your reading to the entire group and was very impressed. You brought to your story an excitement that I would like to put into my writing. I've been working on a children;s novel. It's a wonderful story, but it's flat. Are you available to proof read it, edit, or advise me. I did not see you name for any of the upcoming Adult Courses. Please email me. Thank you. Philip

OMG! I was online searching for Hispanic Children's Book Authors and somehow I found your website. You are crazy - in the most phenomenal way possible! I would love to know if you would ever consider coming to Fort Worth, Texas to be a speaker/storyteller for elementary-aged kids. My email is mallisonr@aol.com. Thanks and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading the newsletter and your free-flow thinking style! Allison Graves

Dear Janice,

I am the other "Janice Levy" who pops up when "Googled", although not with as much frequency as you. Your work is great. If you feel like it, contact me jlevy@ithaca.edu.

I love your website. I forgot to include my email address. It's gingersorrelb@yahoo.com Donna

hello janice. It's Donna from the summer. How are you? I'm trying to figure out my summer plans and it wouldn't be complete without taking a workshop with you. Are you teaching any writing classes this summer. Please let me know.

i am a childen's writer and have checked out your site which i love. i have some of my picture book stories to send out. do you have any advice on how to do so or any place in mind to send stories too? thanks maggie. my website: www.writer65.com.. email: walkingthruwords@yahoo.com

I love your work!! - a fan,Daniel A. Yellin

Dear Janice, what would you suggest to someone who wants to publish a children's book? I have a story I am trying to get out there, and have had no luck with submitting it so far. I have gotten positive feedback from other writers, but feel like I must be missing something since it has not been accepted anywhere. Any thoughts? gungajody@earthlink.net

Dear Janice, you are an inspiration! Rochelle Humberto

Janice, Thanks for attending our Author Illustrator Night, I finally got a chance to view your website & thoughly enjoyed it. Yours, Renée L. Susman, East Lake School Librarian

How come you didn't tell us your book was going to be on Reading Rainbow? Did they show my friend Zoe's picture? Love, Crystal Katz

It is a wonderful site. Antonia Tupua

dearjanice,I enjoyed meeting you last night at authors night. Thanks for the autographed copy of Totally uncool! Its a totally cool book! Your book is a great book. I like you. Your friend,Katie E.Northport, N.Y.

Wow! I'm impressed though not surprised by this classy, creative and colorful website of yours! Congratulations! Barbara Hoffman

Janice, The site looks GREAT! Keep up the good work! Jennifer, fellow MW

I am so proud of my mom. I love her so much! Love, Mike

I love it!!!!!!! Ellen S.,El Paso, TX

I like your new website very much. You are doing a great job. Not sure where you find the time. Good Luck. Joan Levy (no,we're not related)

I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho

Children's Picture Books

"If I can't make friends," Thomas thinks, "I'll be a bully instead." There's just one problem with Thomas's brilliant plan: he makes a terrible bully. A.toadilly terrible one, in fact.
Diva Duck does all of the duck stuff. But her feathers aren't into it. Diva has dreams of life beyond the farm. Diva Duck learns her true talent and her life changes as she follows her dreams. Soon, everyone wants a piece of the duck!
After Gonzalo, the Rooster, won the Loteria, he pecked the farmer, don Chucho, on the butt."I'm rich!" he said. "Get another rooster. I quit!"He hopped off the roof. "This rooster stuff is nothing to crow about. It's time to grab the good life!Adios!"And off he went...follow him as he tries to live la vida loca!
A bully learns his lesson from arm wrestling Hammer Hand Man!
It's the Night of the Radishes in Oaxaca, Mexico. Will don Pedro win First Prize in the Radish Carving Contest? A radish jumps out of his hand and rolls out the door, singing, "Places to go, people to see...Out of my way, you can't carve ME!" What will happen next?!
What happens if you can't live with your parents?
A Day of the Dead Story in a bilingual format for the younger child. "Abuelito's spirit will come like a butterfly," Mama says, "quiet and beautiful. You will feel him in your heart.""What if Abuelito's spirit gets lost?" I ask."His spirit is like the butterflies," Mama says. "They come to our town every year- they don't get lost! Abuelito's spirit knows the way, too."
Preparing to celebrate the Day of the Dead, Nando remembers all he liked about his favorite uncle
Tina doesn’t like to visit her grandfather. Will she learn to appreciate a grandfather’s love?
There once was a man who lived in a hat. Don't ask. Things happen.
It's Cinco de Mayo! Mama marches in a parade. Papa plays in a mariachi band. Abuelita cooks a special meal. Abuelito tells the story of the brave Mexicans who fought so long ago on this day. I wave the flag. Viva Mexico! Simple crafts and "find what's missing pictues" add to the celebration in this happy holiday book.
What if your dad found a new girlfriend - one who was completely, totally uncool?
Children's Picture Books
When you have a dream, anything is possible!
Diva Duck is destined for greatness, so why would SHE need school?
Diva Duck's new CD is a hit and she is off on a world tour. Nothing can stop her. She is one hot duck!
Diva Duck and her farm animals have returned from their world travels. But Diva isn't happy to be home. she is destined for greatness...and for Hollywood, even it it means going alone!
Don't be bullied! Read how Flip-Flop Frog outsmarts the mean Bully Frogs!
Do you ever feel shy? Read how Flip-Flop Frog learns that everyone is special in her own way!
Do you have a younger brother or sister? Wish you didn't? Read how Flip-Flop learns to deal with the new baby in the family.
Do you have BFF's? Best Friends Forever? Read how Flip-Flop Frog learns about the ups and downs of friendship.
This fall, the RL Gang gives you a rare glimpse into their homes as they get ready for a field trip they will never forget. As the kids explore an awesome new land, they learn the importance of compassion and lending a hand.