Totally Uncool

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“A very fine snapshot of a complicated but common family situation...told in a canny, pitch-perfect child’s voice.”

“The affectionately mannered style...walk an assured line between the childlike and the sophisticated.”
--Publishers Weekly

“Short, simple, and appealing. Suitable for libraries needing to round out their holdings in family relationships, especially those involving single-parent families.”
--School Library Journal

“One of the best books published this year! For public and school libraries, teachers, too.”
--Cooperative Children’s Book Center

“The narrator is complaining about her father’s uncool new girlfriend...she reads poems that don’t rhyme! But it turns out she has possibilities after all; she pays attention and doesn’t stay mad!”
--The New York Times Book Review

Chosen as the best Foreign Picture Book of the Year
--Japan School Library Association and the Mainichi Newspaper

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“Dad’s new girlfriend is weird. Totally uncool,” declares the female narrator. She examines the new girlfriend’s funky boots and hair with the eyes of a minx...readers are carried along.”
--Kirkus Review

“A young girl describes all of the "totally uncool" aspects of Dad's new girlfriend... Toward the end of this list, however she admits that Dad's girlfriend is around to help her with test, projects, and bad days. The illustrations extend the amusing text, capturing each character's quirks and the emotions of an evolving relationship.”
--The Horn Book Guide

“A lovely, funny, and in many ways irreverent, but always told from the viewpoint of a child, with the insightful vision children are so often gifted with. It is a slice of life that reflects changes in the end the narrator gradually begins to discover some good and find a level of acceptance. She grudgingly admits that, in fact, there is much to like. It’s a happy acknowledgment that perhaps “Sweet Potato” does have her best interests at heart and is not afraid to show it. An amusing, entertaining read. I would strongly recommend this book to any parent!” Karen@​

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The Birth of the Cool!
"The story is simple, but the issues complex: How do you accept your Daddy's new girlfriend? The book shows and normalizes the difficulties inherent in such situations. Kids may see that their resentful feelings are natural, but that they can be balanced by the new adult's good qualities. The new adult can see the situation from the child's view, and may get some perspective on respecting each other's boundaries and providing emotional support. But this book is not just for family situations such as this one. It shows that it's not always easy to build a friendship, and that one must try to balance the newcomer's seemingly "uncool" surface characteristics with an appreciation of that person's deeper, more fundamental nature. This is an EXCELLENT book that skillfully and lightly explores the evolving adjustment to the family newcomer." M.AllenGreenbaum,http:/​/​​reviewers

“Books supply the words in sensitive, scary times. On any library or bookstore shelf, sensitive topics are discussed, illustrated and photographed in books for even the youngest children. Totally Uncool is about a young girl coming to grips with her dad's new girlfriend Books can teach your children appreciation and compassion for the differences in people. Since working on this column, my 5-year-old has become obsessed with Totally Uncool, the book about Dad's new girlfriend!”
--St. Petersburg Times/​Florida

“Have you ever thought your Dad’s new girlfriend was totally uncool? A little girl named Alex thinks that her dad’s new girlfriend is uncool in everything she does. For example, Alex realizes that his girlfriend doesn’t have a clue on video games, she sleeps sitting up, and everything she eats is green. She speaks Spanish to her neighbors, Japanese to her plants, and mish-mosh to Alex, and her hair looks like a porcupine! In the middle of the book Alex gets a different opinion about her dad’s new girlfriend. We recommend this book because of the funny words and pictures.”
--Reviewer Holly T. and Lisa N.R., grades 1-3

“This is the perfect book for a child who is having trouble getting along with a new adult in his or her life. The first part of the book describes things that the child wishes an adult would do with him/​her, but the end talks about the good things that adults do to help children. The illustrations are bright and colorful, and describe rather well what the child is thinking about Dad's new girlfriend.”
--Reviewer Nicole Peterson, grades 8-12

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